Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WEDnesday Love: "Event Planning Tips - Part IV"

Strategies, Goals, Budgets, W's, (who, when, where)  Invitations....and everything in between.  What is there left to do?

The Walk Through
Visit the venue the day(s) before your event. Envision a few things.
  • How you want attendees to experience the event.
  • Which of their senses will be heightened?  I prefer to focus on all of them!
  • What signs need to be in place to avoid confusion?
  • Where should you station staff?
Basically, you want to understand what your guests will see from the time they walk into the venue from the registration table to the actual event. Touch matters! Sight Matters, Taste Matters. Hearing Matters.  Smell Matters.

The only way to anticipate how your event will feel is to walk through and see and feel what they'll see and feel.

After all of the hard work - be sure to ENJOY!!!

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