Monday, September 16, 2013

Motivational Monday: "Celebrating MY Mother"

In 1936 King George V died and was succeeded by his son, Edward VIII, who soon abdicates to marry an American-born divorcée, and is succeeded by brother, George VI.  Spanish civil war began and hundreds of Americans joined the "Lincoln Brigades." War between China and Japan also began  to continue through World War II.

FDR was reelected in a landslide. The Electoral Vote was 523-8.  NY Yankees defeated the NY Giants (4-2) for the World Series and the first successful helicopter flight is made.  Most importantly, DOROTHY LAMAR BRADLEY was born. 

In case you're wondering who that last person is, she is MY mother!  Every year we take her out to dinner or have some type of birthday celebration.  She looks forward to those times and I'm blessed and honored to still be able to share birthday's with her.

Six children, 17+ grandchildren and almost 20 great grands .. she's done well in the area of leaving a mark!  LOL  I often tease and say how much my mother gets on my nerves with her complaining and waking up at noon to find things for people to do now that she's slept BUT she's earned the right to do so. 

I LOVE my mother and I am thankful for all that she has imparted into me.  My family doesn't think I know how to cook because Karen makes amazing Mac and cheese while Parkey jams on the spaghetti.  Yes, I enjoy making pastries and sweets but I've had to cook just like them for as long as I can remember.  Dorothy didn't play that, she made sure that my sisters and I would be able to keep a house. 

We are all extremely organized and thorough; she ran a football organization like it was NOTHING for years and I'm convinced being with her during that time has molded me into Simply Perfect Peace Events business owner I am today.  Early on she set the standard for what clean was; if it's not done do not "dart" out that door.  LOL

Affectionately known as DOT by my dad and Aunt DOT by all of our cousins and her close friends, DOT is still a trooper at 77 years young.  In 1995 (I think) she suffered a stroke that changed her life forever but every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday she makes her way to bingo, attends church on Sundays and is President of her Senior Group.  We tease her because she says everything in 3's.. ok ok ok... I'm done, I'm done, I'm done (and it's never OK, nor is she done)... but it's funny to us that she still does it.

This is a praise report about my mother - every day isn't "good" but it's great because she is still here and she thoroughly enjoys Dillard Family Weekend and it's our pleasure to be able to pull that together for her no matter how we feel about all of the planning and EXTRA stuff she does.

Dorothy Dillard - this blog post is for YOU young lady. Love you and I'm looking forward to celebrating more birthday's with you. 

DISCLAIMER:  I would say her favorite daughter but everyone knows that is my sister Parkey! 

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