Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WEDnesday Love: "Event Planning Tips - Part II"

Now that you've shaken away some of the nerves associated with being responsible for the fun of hundreds of people let's move on.  In Part I you outlined your goals and have a strategy and also figured out your budget now it's time to discuss who, when, what and where! 

NOTE:  You'll find that although the budgets can be extremely different, planning a Corporate event isn't much different than a family dinner or cocktail reception.  The tips I am offering are very basic and can at least get you started.  At any place in the planning you find that you're still having a tough time, don't hesitate to hire a professional to assist you.

A Time and Place for Every Event
  • Who are the stakeholders? You know, those that can affect or be affected by your actions. You would have probably already been introduced to them during the goal setting and strategy planning phase. 
  • What's your target audience? Are you hosting executives or managers?
  • Is it a presentation or a mixer?
The answer to these questions should determine when and where your event is held.

For instance, if you’re targeting busy executives, you may want to plan a fancy breakfast. A networking event is best served in the evening with cocktails.  A presentation is best held in a hotel or conference room because hosting it in a bar can feel forced.  Be mindful of how your surroundings influence attention spans and the type of message expected to hear.

Next up - One of the most important aspects of your event - INVITATIONS

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