Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WEDnesday Love: "Event Planning Tips - Part I"

Ok, event planning can be an overwhelming task so for the month of September we'll offer some tips to help you along the way. 

Here is the scenario:  You've been asked to plan an event but you have no clue as to where to start because you have no background in event management planning. Somehow due to your bubbly personality and attention to detail, this duty has been given to you.

Before you attempt to create some illness to avoid the task, relax.  I have some help for you.  If you're in Corporate America like I was for over 15 years, this will probably fall under "other duties as assigned" because many don't have a dedicated point-person for event marketing management. True enough, an event can make or break a campaign so here are some handy tips to help you from planning process through the big day.

Map It Out
  • No matter the type of event you’re planning, you need to map out a strategy. What’s the goal of your event? Are you introducing a new product or service to customers? Running a demo for analysts or prospects?
  • Whether your end goal is to get in front of key influencers or present before a group of executives, you’ll want to have a strategy.
  • Look at your ideal audience, what message will resonate with them and how are you are going to measure results. Remember, you’ll have no clue whether your event was a failure or a success unless you have the right metrics.

Bring Up Budget
  • Once you have your goals outlined, you need to consider how much it will cost to accomplish those goals. You've dreamed of what you want for sometime, now it's time to wake up and have realistic expectations. 
  • Use a checklist and write down EVERY single cost item needed to make it happen. This can include signs, invitations, graphic treatments for the website, food, beverages, music, giveaways, etc. Think back to events you’ve attended and imagine all the little things that were involved. What do you absolutely need and what can you live without? Making up a checklist will help you to start developing an overall price tag.
Next time we'll discuss stakeholders, event type and style.  Who has a vested interest in your event? What's your target audience?

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