Friday, December 5, 2014

Love, Laughter and EVERYTHING in Between: Day 5 - Do's and Don'ts of Attire!

As we're headed into the weekend you may be putting the final touches on your entire to a special event or even a wedding.  The phrase “I have nothing to wear” is common enough, but attending a wedding or special event makes people shout it from the rooftops. No matter your age group, dress codes are always a possibility. What are the rules of guest attire?  My motto is that if you're questioning it; then you probably shouldn't wear it. Here are my top do’s and don’ts when considering what to wear.

 1. DO consider dress code.
Is this celebration black tie, semi-formal, casual, or even a costume party? What the host/bride wants should always be considered before making any fashion decision.

2. DO consider location.
The attire you wear to a beach will (obviously) be much different than the outfit you rock at a 5 star hotel. Consult the dress code provided, please use common sense when it’s time to decide between flip flops and heels.

3. DON’T be afraid of color.
Being a lover of black I too struggle in this area. How can we add color to our wardrobe?  Throw on some colorful jewelry or fellas let your bowtie add some spice to your usual drab look.  When choosing color, be careful so that you aren't mistaken for a bridesmaid or groomsman!

4. DO check with the weatherman.
We're in Chicago so it can be all four seasons in one day.  Know the forecast before you leave the house. Be prepared for rain, snow, or whatever else Mother Nature decides to throw at you. Ladies, the most important thing to consider is wind!

5. DO wear layers.
Layers are something I live by; AC can be a life saver, but it can also be a woman’s worst nightmare. Bring a cute, cropped jacket or cardigan no matter what. An outdoor party can quickly turn chilly as it reaches evening hours. Haute Hosiery, tights and leggings are layers to think about, too.

6. DO consider time of day.
This may seem obvious, but so many ladies forget that evenings here in Chicago can be a quite nippy! Layers are my go-to, but if the event is an evening affair, consider a long-sleeved cocktail look.

7. DON’T wear black.
Before you get upset, I need you to know that I disagree with this rule in the book of guest etiquette. Obviously someone with a lack of love for the Little Black Dress added it years ago without thinking of its flattering and fashionable traits. Being a lover of this fabulous figure flattering color I think wearing black is perfectly acceptable—when the venue calls for it. Try to keep a Little Black Dress in the closet for a backyard, beach, or brunch party. In the end, consider color, but never rule out black.

8. DON’T wear jeans and/or tennis shoes.
I know it's considered cute to put on a pair of Chucks but IMO this rule should be obvious. I’m going to make it very clear for everyone: Jeans are never allowed unless specifically told by the host/bride and groom that they’re having jean and t-shirt affair.  Otherwise, trade in your Levi’s for a dress/skirt or a pair of slacks.

9. DON’T “forget” to wear undergarments.
Ladies, please remember to wear underwear and a bra. Also, neither should ever make an appearance during the festivities. This goes for guys too—pull up your pants.

10. DO cover yourself up.
We're in WINTER so unless you're wearing some Haute Hosiery try and stay away from too short or too low cut; consider the event and use your best judgment.

Until Next Time

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