Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Love, Laughter and EVERYTHING in Between: Day 30- Purpose

Nia/Purpose: "Commitment, duty, and obligation to contribute to the morally serious purpose and noble goal, of nation building, i.e., the quest to recover and restore the  African American family, community, and people as a whole
  • Are you growing in realizing and appreciating that our traditional greatness includes the fact that our African ancestors were the fathers and mothers of humanity and civilization?
  • Grow in knowing, receiving and revering inspiration from such a commitment (and its results) in people in every period of our history, in every geographic location.
The African proverb is insightful in illuminating the centrality of the family in the nation building project, declaring: “The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people.” And, conversely, the development and elevation of the nation begins in the home. This is an affirmation that nation building begins at the smallest level, the family.

Candle Lighting: On the fifth day of Kwanzaa, the family lights the GREEN candle.  This candle is symbolic to the collective prosperity; Kwanzaa commitments are made around the Purpose principle.

~Until Next Tiime

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