Saturday, December 13, 2014

Love, Laughter, and EVERYTHING in Between: Day 13 - Sweet Treats

Considering have a sweet/candy table at your wedding or special event? Being the "sweetie" (like a foodie) that I am, I think that every good party needs a dessert table.  Whether  you're 5 years old or 50, let's fact it, it's always a crowd pleader.

According to my partner SheRhonda Martin, there are some important elements that must be considered when one is thinking of having a sweet table.  After budget she would immediately like to discuss COLOR!  She loves bringing color palettes that are unexpected having two main colors for a punch of color and a neutral accent color.  If the table is pattern heavy (stripes or polka dots, etc) be sure to include a lot of white with your platters and linen to avoid the look of clutter.

Typically on our sweet tables there is a focal point.  If you're serving cake as part of your dessert table use risers to lift at least one element higher.  Having various heights will allow the eyes to capture the full essence of your table.

In addition to having a focal point we believe there are levels to this! Creating various heights can be established using flowers, or tall and low containers.  This again will help make the dessert table more visually interesting for your guests. When thinking about placements, your low items should be in the front of the table while the taller jars better positioned towards the back.

Sweet tables are fun - contact us for more details
(photo credits:  Simply Perfect Peace Events, Oh So Sweet By Brandy)

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