Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Motivation: "Make Time for Love"

After a super busy two weeks of business meetings, cheerleading and a 5am drive to Ohio to see my nephew play at Dayton, I decided that on Sunday I would lay low, cook dinner, grab a bottle of wine, and clean my house. I have to admit that it felt good to be home and really relax with my family. Last night, the husband and I (affectionately called WM) finally shared more than a hello and a good-bye via text. I was already in bed and when he joined me we spent a good 20 minutes talking about our nephews basketball game which we texted about the day before.  As we were talking..........zzzzzzz. I fell asleep :(

Realizing his days start at 4am and mine at 6am it's important that we take time to connect. Although our thirteen year old daughter KEEPS me moving while working a full time job and running two successful businesses; I must make time for love!

I remember early in our marriage we vowed to go and do something once a week that didn't include kids, bills or anything that would cause the night to end with me rolling my eyes or he driving fast with the music up really loud.  Where did that go? I believe that we've gotten too busy raising the kids, working and running to make time for us. Well, what is the solution? Go back to basics and know that without making time for each other - all of the other stuff will just be stuff.

I read an article by my friend and co-mom (Joyce Cunningham) that truly inspired ME on this Motivational Monday. Yes, I practice studying to be quiet but she is indeed a PThirty1 woman (Proverbs 31).   Her article has tons of goodness in it and I've decided that whatever I decide I want to do for my husband, whenever I want to do it, I will!  Lets just hope he gets on board so I'm not smacking my lips and YES, rolling my eyes. Lol

As Valentine's Day approaches, I encourage you to take the challenge in the ChitownMoms article written by Joyce: (here is an excerpt)
"Feed the Family and Fuel the Flame”  Don’t just settle for Valentine’s Day; find a way to manage the household needs and appreciate your love every day.  Watch a movie together.  Spend time cooking your or his favorite meal together.  Go see a local production.  Go grocery shopping– just the two of you.  Go for a drive in your dream neighborhood and pick a new home.  Shop together.  Try a cooking class.  Go to a basketball game.  Try a new restaurant.

"Live Life With No Regrets"
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  1. Great Post! I hope you all have an awesome Valentine's Day. :)



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