Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tasty Treats for the inner kid in YOU!

When I'm planning a wedding or hosting a special event the question of what to serve guests always comes up.  If I'm truthful, the food part I don't necessarily care about because if its my event it's going to be something really far fetched and creative and if it's a wedding we are going to hire a caterer to handle that.  However, what TREATS are going to be available for the guests is what I really want to know.  Although candy buffet's cupcakes and the more aren't going anywhere anytime soon; if you've seen one you've seen them all. How many ways can you cup a cake? Now we have cake on a stick... lovely! Today's post we're going to show some different and creative ways to engage the kid that is dwelling in all of us adults.

Sweetniks is the creator of creative confections that include lollipops with flavors like salted margarita and candy apple. A great and unique choice for your wedding favors, these sweet and tasty treats are also very useful.

Having a signature drink? Delight your guests by having them at the bar to be use as stirrers.  Additionally, the lollipops with a printable stick can be used for place cards or simply be added to your guests gift bags for a surprise treat.  Visit SWEETNIKS to order your tasty treats!

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