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Plan a Wedding in 1 Month - Why to Hire a Planner

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Having a Professional Wedding Consultant or Planner can be one of the greatest things that you spend money from your budget on. I am a bit of a fan of having a Planner, especially since I am one but from so many of my clients I have heard, "What would I have done without you?". We've had referrals from past Mothers of the Brides who have said that their friend raved over how much having a wedding planner saved them in both sanity and time! Our motto is "making your dream event a reality." We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your event that you have put together with the expectation of seeing your dreams come to life. You don't need to be the bride laying linens or putting together bouquets or making sure that your vendors arrive on time and prepared.
When you decide to hire a planner, do be mindful of who you're meeting with and treat this as you would any other decision in life. Here are a few pointers to remember when hiring someone:
  • How well do you get along with them? Make sure you enjoy being around them and working with them because you will spend more time with them during your planning process than your fiance' more than likely.
  • Hire someone you can't live without... what do I mean? Read this article.
  • Do they have the credentials to back up what they offer? Do they have references available if desired?
  • Are they a part of any organizations that keep them accountable for good business?
  • Do they continually work on their business attending conferences, learning the new tricks of the trade, and networking with new and viable vendors?
  • Is this a hobby for them or a focused career?
  • How does she handle pressure? What types of situations has she/he been in and how did they handle them?
Many brides also think that having a site with a coordinator will suffice. Check out the blog posting I wrote here about this topic and evaluate for yourself.
Also, be aware if you're hiring a design firm or a wedding consultant. Some consultants, or planners, do not offer design services. (Simply Perfect Peace does offer these services.) Here is an excellent article discussing the differences.
Please be aware of who you are hiring! A well trained, reputable planner will not promise you thousands of dollars saved, they will not promise you a perfect wedding, and they will not promise you planning for $200.00. We can't promise you that we'll save you thousands of dollars from your budget (we'll guide within your budget), we can't promise you a perfect wedding because there aren't any (things arise and a good planner can handle those), and a good planner doesn't work for nothing (it's many, many long hours and weekends). Many brides enter into the planning field with the desire to plan because they love weddings, but many of them burn out very quickly because this is a hard business to continue in and love what you're doing every day.
Not only is your planner going to be your confidant, your psychiatrist, your friend, your organizer, your sounding board, your relief, your sanity, and your guide, but they are also there to get you down the aisle and handle that gracefully. We love hearing brides say, "What would I have done without you?", and we would love to hear that from you! Happy Planning!

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