Friday, August 21, 2009

Why to Hire a Wedding/Event Planner

I went to my monthly ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) meeting and among other things we were discussing what all as a planner we do for our clients and the benefits of a planner. One lady had gotten married not to long ago and didn't have a planner. It was a very interesting conversation and I wanted to capture some of the conversation in my blog about the experience and why every bride needs to have a planner's assistance in some way.

As a very organized person I felt good about the decision not to hire a planner. Seriously, who "cant"plan a wedding? I was having a very simple wedding, nothing that would require “professional help”, right? Along with simple, my wedding was going to be a low-budget affair, and that budget would have no room for the extravagance of a planner.

Except that on the day of my wedding I found out that a planner is not an extravagance or a luxury item meant for only the most upscale of weddings. No, I found out that a wedding planner is just as much a necessity as a groom!

The Bride Becomes the Default Wedding Planner
“BRIDE, do you want the groomsmen to walk out from the door on the left, or the door on the right?”

“BRIDE, where are they going to bring the cake?”

“The flowers are here, BRIDE. Where should we put them?”

"BRIDE, the musician left his/her program at home, do you know the order of songs?"

"BRIDE, Bride, bride?"

If you don’t have a wedding planner for at least the few weeks leading up to the wedding you will become the default wedding planner. After all, it is your day, right? The one you’ve been dreaming about since you were 3 years old? So surely you know exactly how you want everything done and where everyone should be. The bride becomes the go-to person for every question anyone has about the wedding. Even if she has a dear friend that "always wanted to be a planner."

Trust me, this role as chief wedding executive gets old quick, especially on the day of. More than likely, you’ve never planned an event this big before so you’re unsure what the best way is to answer everyone’s questions. You’re also living with that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something. Having a wedding planner around to shoulder some of the responsibility with you will bring you more peace than you could ever know.

Wedding Planners Keep You Focused

If you ask any bride what they want the theme of their wedding to be they'll use words like “simple” and “elegant”. Simple and elegant usually is the plan.

Simple and elegant but between the blue ball gowns that are chosen for bridesmaids, the balloon arch and the overuse of tulle for decorating, simple and elegant are not words that will be used to describe this wedding.

A wedding planner helps you line up your vision with your reality. A wedding planner reminds you of the “theme” when you think that disco balls will make cool centerpieces…yeah, not so much.

Wedding Planning is Their JOB
In addition to being trained in several key areas (negotiating, vendor relationships, etc), wedding planners have done this so many times that they see and think of things that would have never occurred to you because you are a newbie.

Every bride is different and every bride knows their threshold for stress. A planner, whether for day of assistance or planning assistance may be just the stress reliever, facilitator, and friend you need with you. Happy Planning!

Sharon Patrice, Simple Perfect Peace/Designs by Shay

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