Thursday, August 13, 2009


As promised (well sort of) I created a card for my cousin. This is probably the most simplistic card I've ever made. I couldnt express all I wanted to without the card turning into a complete mess so My cousin and her husband were married in probably 1984 and he took great pride in providing for his family. He was an executive for M&M Mars. They have two lovely children, one a lawyer and the other in her 2nd year of college in California. A lot of emotions are built up inside over the untimely death and I simply wanted her to "Be Encouraged"

The "BE" cards are a series of cards created for my son and a percentage of sales will go towards a NFP organization he's involved with. Dreams for Kids! The logo design is a collaboration between Brandon's creative team (karen, rick, reg) myself and Kris Cain of Cain Creative Photography . She and I collaborate often :) Thanks Kris!

Sharon Patrice, Simple Perfect Peace/Designs by Shay

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