Wednesday, August 12, 2009

.. NO but..

Before I begin let me explain the title. Every time my daughter and I have a conversation, at one time or another she says "no, but...." because she has an explanation for everything. That being said today, yesterday and the day before that I had every intention on blogging about my Designs as it pertains to card making... did I put if off? "No, but"..... something else always happens.

Today I am posting one or two of my favorite cards that I've created for special people in my life. This particular one was made for my manager at work. She's been out ill and I wanted her to know.. I was thinking of her. This was very fun to make because she's not just my manager but also a friend.

The other card posted is a wedding card for a young lady that recently got married (you knew I couldn't stay away from wedding themes right..ha)

Later this evening (really) I will post another special card that I've created for my cousin in Atlanta that recently lost her husband (RIP Dwight).

Sharon Patrice, Simple Perfect Peace/Designs by Shay

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