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Plan a Wedding in 1 Month - Photographer

This is one area I recommend you don't skimp on. As a bride, this is the most beautiful day of your life. You will never look more glamorous than you do in the wedding dress of your dreams, hair styled, makeup done, you're posed and ready to be in every shot possible. After the many years of marriage, and all the money, what is left for you to remember your wedding day: your pictures. One of the questions that I ask planning clients is what are your top 3 priorities. So many times photography is one of the those top three priorities and finding the right photographer for you and your fiance' is a task in itself. Most of the time brides don't necessarily find the perfect photographer in the first glance... they take time, interview, look at albums and photos, and then decide. Here are some suggestions in finding the right photographer to shoot your one and only wedding day:

* Begin looking any many different types of photographers to find the right ones for you to interview. What's the most important elements/style that you want your photographer to carry? Do you want mostly photo journalistic? Do you want traditional, posed shots? Do you want all candids? What type of editing style do you like? Think and research the different types of photographers in your area.
* When narrowing down your choices, make sure that you're looking at photographers within your budget. You may have your photographer as a high priority, so you may be willing to sacrifice other areas of your budget to have the photographer that you highly desire. Look at the benefits of the packages that the photographers offer. Do you receive tangible items with the photographers packages? Can you create your own custom package to fit your needs? How many hours of service does each package include, and how many hours would you want your photographer to be present to document?
* Compare packages and compare images. Take a look at blogs to see the most up to date work that they offer, as well as seeing complete works or events so that you can see an entire story documented.
* When interviewing photographers think about asking these questions to find out their credentials, but also how they function as a business: How long is your editing time and when would you expect to see your images? If I receive the disc of images from our wedding, what are my rights for printing? Do you bring back up equipment to your events in case an accident occurs? Are you a member of a photographers association? Do you offer extra sessions such as engagement, bridal, day after sessions, etc.? Talk with them about their typical day of and what their time line usually looks like.
* Think about their personalities and how you get along. You'll be with them a lot on the day of and you want to make sure that it is someone you can tolerate for lengthy periods of time. You want to be comfortable with them because if you're not comfortable, you won't look comfortable in your pictures.
* Talk about the details of your wedding day with them: will you be seeing each other before the ceremony? Do they plan a time for just the two of you together, a private moment? Are there a lot of shots with just the two of you? Your wedding is the day that the two of you will look your best and will get the best shots of you two together.

Remember, when the flowers are dead, the guests are all gone, the honeymoon is over, your photographs are what you have to look back on. Make sure that your photographer captures the moments that you love and every time you look at them you'll get chills to remember what that day was all about!

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