Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Every bride comes to the dilemma of to take or not to take a bridal portrait. Many photographers now are offering bridal portraits as a part of their packages, whether you choose to take your portrait before or after your wedding. The after wedding portrait's have recently been given the name of "Trash the Dress", which is a name that scares me! :) So many times bride's think that they can have a couple shots taken on the day of, and you certainly can, but sometimes time runs out or you don't get to be as creative as you want to with your surroundings. I always encourage brides to have a session to show off their beauty and the dress in its full glory. And we know that mom's want that 16x20 to hang over the fireplace! :) Some of the pros and cons that I see with taking a bridal shot include:


  • Gives you an opportunity to have your hair and makeup trial done before the wedding, and putting that money to good use. You can see how you like your makeup and hair in the pictures and if you want to make any changes for wedding day.
  • You get to put on your dress one more time! And making sure that all alterations made fit you to a "T".
  • This also gives you a chance to put all of your attire together, veil, headpiece, jewelry, shoes, etc. to make sure that you love the look.
  • You can have a sample bouquet ordered for your pictures to see and make any changes to as well.
  • This is an opportunity for creativity on both yours, and your photographers, part to get some fun, romantic, and sexy shots of you in your pure white wedding dress. Nothing beats having beautiful artistic, and traditional, shots of you on your own dressed to the "nine's".
  • Working with your photographer for several hours at a time will allow him/her to see your personality, what is your best light, and get to you know you before spending even more hours with you on the big day.


  • If in the process, you get creative, and your dress gets dirty, you may need to have it cleaned which is an additional cost.
  • Some are more pressured by time because of their dress delivery and/or wedding date. Do plan well in advance to avoid this if able.

In my opinion, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and as a past bride, I wish I would have taken the opportunity to do one myself. Living and learning, and passing this knowledge on to new or future brides! Here are some of my favorite bridal portraits over the last year from some of my favorite brides!

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