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Guest Post: Hosting A Simply Perfect Wine Tasting Event

As a professional wedding and events planner at SPPE, I enjoy sharing ideas about a variety of events that can be fun and out of the ordinary.  Below is a guest post from Joyce Cunningham of Pthirty1 that fits right into the scheme of things - Enjoy!

A couple of years ago, my sister and I hosted a wine tasting for our business, Selah Events. The event was so much fun, but A LOT of work! So much work, we’ve been planning another one for 2 years now :D!
Although our event was for public pleasure, you can host your own wine tasting with less stress. Not a wine connoisseur? So what…who cares?!?! Grab a variety of whites and reds and set a date to explore with your closest friends! Here’s how to pull it off:
1.       It Starts with Wine: If you already know what wines you like, you’re halfway there. You are more likely to host with ease when promoting a brand you believe in. So plan to include some of your favorite wines in the tasting. If you haven’t a clue when it comes to the brew, hit your favorite grocer or wine store and ask for recommendations. Read the labels and pick a few that’s interesting.
A great place to explore various wines without breaking the bank is Aldi…my sister hooked me on that tip some years ago and I haven’t been disappointed yet. ;)

2.       Fickle Foodie Facts: Have you ever been in a nice restaurant and opted for the recommended wine pairings? Did it make you wonder how some wines go so well with certain foods? I found that even wines I didn’t care for tasted better when paired with a dish I loved. Whether it be heavy appetizers, light dinner or just snacks offered at your wine tasting, choose your food carefully.

You will most definitely need good breads and cheeses. Fresh fruit is also a good idea if you’re keeping it light. Chocolates go well with anything. And just about anything French will work for your wine tasting menu. Oui Oui?


3.       Make it Fun: When I was younger, I always had an image of wine lovers as distinguished prudes. I gradually became a wine lover as I approached (and entered) my 30’s. That’s when I discovered those old movies with the 70 year old guy smoking a cigar and holding a glass of wine while wearing his pajamas and murmuring about his golf handicap while barely opening his mouth was just dead wrong! Wine is for everyone…that makes us all distinguished :D!

Make your party less about “sip and chat” and more about exploration and discovery. Draft wine scorecards for each guest to rate their wines. Later, mix it up a bit and blindfold guests having them guess a wine by scent or flavor. Or have each guest bring their favorite wine and play a game of “guess who” by asking each guest to guess who brought what wine (this game is a hoot if your guests are all close friends).

4.       Gift it Away: Gatherings are always most memorable when there’s gifting involved. I believe giving is way more rewarding for the giver than for the receiver. You don’t have to spend lots of money to make each of your guests feel special. Of course, you can be as extravagant in giving as you like, but small tokens like wine bags, cork stoppers, chocolates or even personalized wine labels will go a long way in the hearts of your attendees.  Be creative and have fun with it!

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