Monday, February 13, 2012

Reviving the Love..

Valentine's Day is that one day that's already romantic and generally know you'll be spending that time together.  Therefore, you shouldn't be suprised that it's also one of the most popular days of the year to propose.
I am a true believer that one should "Love Without End", and because of that thought If you're looking for ways to revive, renew and refresh your love, here are a few tips...

  1. Hold Hands!  When I see a couple holding hands it makes me smile.  This seems to be something that has drifted away as the years go on.  Spend sometime walking and holding each other's hands. Talking things out and sorting ways to ease tension also helps to bring two people intimately closer to each other. 
  2. Be Adventerous!  Go to all the places you'd love to be in - your partner might be a little afraid of skiing, snorkeling, horse riding, free falling and other activities, but this could be a way to overcome their fright.
  3. Be Spontaneous! If you decide to stay home, snuggle and be close! Ask your partner what they want to do on a particular evening. If you like movies; watch a few movies together and make your partner comfortable by making them their favorite meals and doing little chores for them. .
  4. Praise and Appreciate!  The biggest issue with relationships is that we get too "comfortable"  Take some time to get ready and pay attention to your appearance.  Everyone wants to love and be loved in return. If you will be open with your partner, your partner is sure to open up after a few loving gestures from your side
  5. Gifts and trinkets!  We all love gifts, choose something out of the ordinary like a Boudour session!  These sexy photo's will certainly revive, renew and refresh.  I wrote an article on Chitown Moms pertaining to this subject - read more about it here.
Whatever you decide to do - do it well and "Love Without End"

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