Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Without End: Farewell Whitney Houston

Saturday I watched the funeral of someone I consider an old friend.  No, I have never met Whitney but owned all of her CD's and considering that music is good for the soul - we were friends!  There are many many MANY songs that I loved but one in particular which was released in 1996 is I Believe In You and Me.  When I was living in my apartment in Chicago her voice rang LOUD through our building and she made me believe in the miracles of love.  In addition to her music getting me through some interesting times in my life, my goddaughter and niece was named after her.  Yes, you probably think I'm strange but it's ok.. I loved Whitney and respected her music.  The pureness of her sound and the passion that filled the air when she opened her mouth will remain untouched for years to come. 

In 1992 she married what some would call a bad boy, Bobby Brown.  Her relationship to Bobby Brown was indeed one for the record books.. their love (what I call street love) was hard to the core and often seen as shaky.  Although she later divorced him, from that union a child, Bobby Kristina, was born.  Their private ceremony took place at Houston's New Jersey estate, where the star couple exchanged vows in a romantic garden gazebo adorned with 8,000 roses and hundreds of orchids -- all in lavender and purple,

I Believe In You and Me
I Believe That we will be
In love eternally
Well as far as I can see
You Will Always be the one
For me (Oh yes, you will)

And I believe in dreams again

I believe that love will never end
And like the river finds the sea
I was lost, now I'm free
Cuz I believe In you and me

 ~Love Without End
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