Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Puppy Love!!!

Over the past week I've slacked on blogging due to a few weddings and cheer season being full swing! The one thing about a family pet is that he/she is FAMILY!  When my daughter and I walked into the house after being gone a few days our dog was there waiting with a wagging tail and fun filled eyes. I've seen several articles about dogs being in weddings and I have to admit I am not a HUGE fan of this practice but I do love our dog Coco!  She is an adorable American Bulldog with a big heart and eyes that say give me what I want and I promise to stay off the couch. 

If you are that person that really wants to include your dog in your wedding, here are a few suggestions ~

  • LOCATION!  Some churches and other venues have pet restrictions, so you might have to consider alternate locations. 
  • PARTICIPATION!  If you want to use your pet as a ring bearer or attendant, make sure your pet is capable of playing such an important role. 
  • BEHAVIOR!  You know your pet better than anyone: Will he/she be able to handle things like crowds and loud music?

 ~Love Without End

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