Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Multi-Cultural Wedding Traditions

Have you ever wondered what happens during the planning process of other cultures? What are some difference? Are those difference based on color? Religion? Heritage?

You've problem seen my facebook status updates from Ms. Evelyn who is my 85 year old client.  Every day she makes me laugh and sometimes shake my head with the things she says.  Today on this Wedding Wednesday we're going to discuss one particular topic that had her blown away.  Weddings fascinated her and Wedding Planning had her completely puzzled because when she got married she planned it all herself and her husband purchased the "booze".  I should warn you that Ms. Evelyn is from a time where things were "different"; her language is a bit to the left but she means no harm :)

Ms. Evelyn believes that "blacks and whites" celebrate differently because most blacks are Baptist and whites are Catholic.  A majority of Hispanics are Catholic but the emphasis is put on the party not the wedding.  Jewish brides, well that celebration lasts for a few days.  The conversation got really deep when she wanted to educate me on Jews and Gentiles.  My response as usual was "Oh, Ms. Evelyn, that's not true... stop it"

What do you think about different wedding traditions? How have you implemented your personal beliefs into your wedding planning process? How will you honor your heritage?

~Love Without End

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