Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding Motivational Monday: It's A Journey, not a TRIP!

Marriage certainly can be a trip.  However, it also can be a beautiful journey in which two individuals promise to be there for each other in all walks of life.  On this steering wheel of life two very different souls always have to give their support, concern and trust to bring beauty, charm and smoothness in their relationship.

In this journey of growth and love, nothing is about ‘you’ or ‘me’; everything is about ‘we’. Success can be of one, but celebration is for both. Problems can be of one, but the solution will have to be by both. This is the beauty of this relationship that’s supposed to be maintained by mutual efforts of both.

All important decisions are to be taken mutually because each and every decision will influence both the lives equally. The most significant thing which a couple should take into account is the togetherness and the compatibility, which both of them share. This compatibility will help them to remove all the obstacles in their life and live it in a smoother & loving manner.

"Love Without End"

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