Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: HELP-What to do about late rsvp's?!

Happy Wedding ETIQUETTE Wednesday!!! You've received an invitation and you have YET to respond; consider yourself inconsiderate and on the top of my "poor guest etiquette" list.

All over the WORLD couples approach their catering/venue deadline and I can guarantee you that they have a few people that haven't sent in their RSVP!  "What in the same hill is wrong with people?" you may be asking yourself.  You've followed all the rules by sending the Save the Date six months ago and the invitation went out right on schedule at 6-8 weeks before your wedding.  Now here you are still waiting and wondering what to do..."PICK UP THE PHONE!" 

It is completely acceptable to call and politely ask each LATE guest for a reply: “We hope you have received the invitation to Mia and Demetrius' wedding on September 1st and that you can join us.” If by chance you get the answering machine, add a time by which you’d like to hear back.  NOTE:  Keep the "I can't believe they haven't responded" for your fiance' ears :) 

If you are an expected guest, please take the time to RSVP (please respond).  It’s only a matter of simply checking a box on a reply card, clicking on an e-mail address or making a phone call. As a guest, this is the most important obligation you have to the host of the event. It is poor etiquette and frankly disrespectful and rude to wait until the day of the event and just show up!

BTW -  It is just as inappropriate to RSVP acceptance and then fail to attend.  Only a matter of serious illness or death should keep you away. Whether you accept or regret – respond.

Until Later~

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