Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Motivational Monday: Weathering the Storm!!

I do a lot of talking about marriage and relationships.  Not because I'm an "expert" but I know that they require work.  I also know that the work can pay off if both people are willing to............. WORK!

People that know me know I have a fear of large bodies of water.  Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed with work and life I'll dream that I'm driving somewhere and the road just suddenly ends with me going into ... guess what? A large body of water!!!  Now I now know what that dream means for me (get some rest) but have you thought about this in terms of your relationship?

Sometimes we're just overwhelmed with life, but how do you know when you're driving down that winding relationship road to what appears to be a large body of nothing?  Here are a few signs to keep in mind and in sight.

No Cookies!!! Intimacy is what keeps the marriage alive folks.  When you rarely or no longer come together for those "moments", the door is left open for other problems.  To be "one" you've got to keep the pot boiling!

Roomates!  What am I saying? You have no words for each other!  You simple share a home and expenses and that's it.   Not even a simple hello/goodbye.  More than friends or casual acquaintances, you must be BEST friends.  You'll need to laugh, have pillow talk.  You shouldn't have to walk on pins and needles around your spouse.

Respect! Or lack there of.  When you no longer care what the other person feels or thinks, you’re going down a very dangerous road.  Marriages seem to be healthier when the wife lets the husband lead, be the head of the house, and when the husband cares for his wife more than he cares for himself.

Marriage is W.O.R.K.. pull up your boots and weather the storm!

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