Monday, August 27, 2012

Motivational Monday: Creating Peace...

SIMPLY PEACE.. Your Journey's Journal (creating and maintaining your own personal peace) is a bedside journal for YOUR thoughts and cares. It includes some basic steps to encourage the reader to push past the present situation and see that Peace is yours for the asking. Practicing (maintaining) the Peace that has been created and seeing the rewards of it!

"Peace has to be created in order to be maintained"... this is a very easy statement to type but believe me when I tell you it's hard to practice! When I first started SIMPLY PERFECT PEACE EVENTS, the prayer was to allow the same peace that resides within me -be passed on to others.  I stood on the streets of Tamarack and wondered, how Lord can that be done?  I wasn't always at "peace"; life happens and sometimes it's just not there. 

The first step, and probably the easiest, to acquiring this "peace" was to surround myself with like minded people.  I have a wonderful family and friends of faith that can't be matched.  However, In the process of surrounding myself I also had to let some people go.  When you do a lot of networking, often times you meet people that make frequent withdrawals and few deposits. This began to interrupt my peace and cause me to be angry ..... so bye bye to those people, I wish you well and consider the withdrawals paying it forward :)

The second step, and what I consider the most beneficial, was "studying to be quiet".  Not only was this the most beneficial, it was the most difficult!!!  Four years ago I said to myself.. "self, shut your mouth!"  From home, to work, to all social settings.. Sharon had to sit down and shut up!!!  How in the world can the PEACE of GOD abide when you're always flappin (yes flappin) your gums?  Throughout this process, my fear of speaking openly was conquered and I was able to share with other women of faith the importance of building up and not tearing down (Proverbs 14:1).  From this three journals and two t-shirt were birthed and I'm grateful, thankful and honored that God would use ME to help others.
  • Your Journey's Journal - an Inspirational Guide to Fasting
  • Simply Shay - A Guide to Planning Peaceful Weddings and Events
  • Simply Shay - Creating and Maintaining Your Own Personal Peace
  • "I'm Studying....Are You?"  and "Do someone a favor and mind your own business" (tshirts)
The third step is to LIVE life and CHERISH each day as a gift from above.  Yes, I LOVE the Lord.. I LOVE my church.. I LOVE my family..I LOVE my friends of faith, I am also a HOUSEHEAD to the core.  I make no apologizes for who I am and the things that make me ME!  I live to learn, I enjoy seeing people smile, I know being broken is what continues to make me GROW and be strong.

Not acknowledging the so called "haters":  Let PEACE abide "If what you sow you reap in one area.. then why not in this one too... " ~ SimplyShay

Sharon Patrice Simply Perfect Peace Events, Inc. You or your brand want coverage at an upcoming event? Getting married or having a social event and need assistance? Email Me For All Your Event Planning Needs.

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