Monday, April 23, 2012

Wedding Motivational Monday

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Being in love is a beautiful thing!  One of the first decisions any couple will need to make is whether or not to write their own vows, or us a traditional or pre-written one.  Your wedding/marriage vows are a promise made during the wedding ceremony.  Whether you choose to write your own or go the traditional route; know and understand that your wedding vows actually mean something.

An intetral part of the ceremony, reciting vows is a very romantic moment and usually the perfect place to express your feelings towards your fiance. 

Be sure that you're on the same page with your fiance!  If he isnt on board, going the traditional route may be best.  Now that you two agree and youve gotten permission from your minister, think about a single greatest thing about the person you're about to marry.  When did you know you were in love,? What does marriage means to you? What changes will occur after marriage and what will stay the same? What are some of your favorite memories and finally when you were little, did you dream of your future spouce? If so, how does that tht vision compare to your future spouse?

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Whatever you decide - dont take your vows lightly. Make sure they are meaningful to you and can be the anchor to binds you two together... Flaws and All!

~Love Without End
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