Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun Friday Finds: Late Night Snacks

How many times have you eaten at the reception around 6pm then hungry by the time it ends?  Couples are choosing to have the wedding receptions be more like parties then a formal affair.  So, if you have your DJ spinning until the wee hours you'll probably need to provide a snack to the remaining guests.

What does this mean as far as planning?  It's simple - it means another element for the food service phase.  In addition to cocktail hour and dinner, you should plan to have a great late snack to offer your guests.  Although your 85 year Aunt may not stay, you can almost be sure that your college friends will.  To be on the safe side, anticipate less than half will hang around for the House Music (my favorite music.. haha)

If you're wondering what to serve, less is more!  Keep it casual and along the lines of the type of food you'd get when you leave the bar at 2am. Here are a few fun ideas to consider when going through your planning process!

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