Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Friday Finds: "Who let the dogs out" ~ Including your pets in your wedding

Pets are considered family; should they be incoporated in your wedding day?  Here is my view on it. If it is a well behaved dog, why not? It would look so cute and can pose for pictures that will mean so much to you long after your furry friend is gone. If it is a crazy, yippy, not really potty trained dog, I say leave it at home. Nobody likes that and you certainly dont want annoyed guests. Why go through the embarrassment?

Also, you've got to think about who will be watching the dog Will the dog stay at the party the whole time? Who will pick up the mess if the dog poos? Certainly not you (haha). Furthermore, I'm not too sure that the people who care about you enough to watch the dog will appreciate playing dog sitter instead of enjoying the day.

Although Simply Perfect Peace offers "Event Care",  your dog isn't part of the package but we'd sure help find some fabulous dog walkers if this is your preference! ~ Love Without End

Sharon Patrice Simply Perfect Peace Events, Inc. You or your brand want coverage at an upcoming event? Getting married or having a social event and need assistance? Email Me For All Your Event Planning Needs.

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