Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: ZoyaModa Atelier!!

Recently I posted a question of the day on Facebook regarding wedding dresses and tattoos. Is it appropriate for the bride to show her tattoo while in her wedding dress?  Some people, especially guys though it to be less classy and should be covered up; while others felt the tattoos exemplified who the bride was and shouldn't be covered.  In my opinion, as a pro-tattooer, it's completely up to the couple and very important for the bride to feel comfortable on her day.  Another respondent offered a more professional opinion.... meet Zoya Nudelman

Like the collections she designs, Zoya Nudelman, the co-founder and chief designer of ZoyaModa Atelier, is graceful, sophisticated, and exquisite. Currently residing in Chicago, IL, Zoya was born in Kishinev, Moldova. She came to the US when she was younger with a dream; to one day make every woman look and feel like a Queen.

All of ZoyaModa Atelier Gowns are designed with bride’s great personality in mind. When Zoya works with her clients, she works closely with each Bride to develop a beautiful design that will start from a sketch and lead to a beautifully constructed gown.

Whether it is a large scale wedding, a smaller wedding in the park or at the beach, or even a nice restaurant style event, we have your special dress in mind and we will help you feel like the Special Bride you always wished you can be.

"Most of my Brides find great comfort and relaxing feelings about their wedding when we produce a beautiful Gown together that the Bride can transform herself all throughout the day. I call these dresses, Convertible Gowns." ~ Zoya Nudelman

No more waiting for 9 months for your dress to be ordered… No more receiving your dress in the wrong size… No more paying up to $1000 on your alterations and your train bustle… No more stress… With ZoyaModa, you are in good hands.

For new Designs and Promotions, Please feel free to visit their website at and Facebook page at


 ~Love Without End
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