Monday, July 11, 2011

Simply Shay: "The Heat Is On"

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Todays's blog post is dedicated to the heat!  I'm sure, like me, you've sat back and watched the many things that take place during a wedding ceremony.  How many of you have cringed at the site of the usher, wedding coordinator, cousin, photographer or anyone else with tissue in their purse (pocket) walking to the front of the church and passing either a box of kleenex down the attendants line or event worse.. handing it to the bride? 

Tissue sticks to your face (really I'm laughing) and paper towel is not only rough but just tacky.  Instead of using these, how about we focus on some nice hankerchiefs?  Here are a few tasteful suggestions for dabbing sweat and wiping tears for the couple and their entire wedding party.... they also make great gifts.
 Whether you decide on plain hankerchiefs or monogrammed; when you're standing at the front of the church and the heat is on, please dont use tissue :)

 ~Peaceful Planning

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