Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Simply Shay: "Events of Life"

Ive found in all my years of planning events that we spend a lot of time planning for those "events" that mean something to us or those we care about. We plan the conference/seminar, wedding, baby shower, 1st-21st birth parties; anniversary parties and if your family is like mine..... who needs a reason? Life is a party right?

This week, as I blog from my Evo, I've been able to reflect on those LIFE events we DON'T plan for. It becomes so easy to get "comfortable" in our lives and believe we have "it" under control. Hmmmm well, Sunday, as the rain came down as it's done so many times before, the lights flickered but this time they didnt just flicker..they were OFF. No big deal right? Rain + no lights= no sump pump. In a matter of moments our dry finished basement became a pool for our dog. I listened as my husband lost control of trying to save the many electronics and our puppy splash water as if she were at a water park. Dangit, we weren't prepared for this!!

Standing outside in the rain watching my neighbors have that panicked look on their face; I said to myself, "self!", myself said, "huh"...You're a planner, manager of chaos, believer in creating and maintaining PEACE.. do something. So, I listened for God to speak because last thing we needed was two people in an uproar then I called and got a generator so process cleanup could begin. Did we lose stuff? Sure did! Was peace established in spite of it all? Sure was and I'm grateful!

When life's event come rolling in; pull on your inner Peace, allow that Peace to be created, then work to maintain it. Be Blessed
Photos by me

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