Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Celebrations - BIG Ideas

A wedding or any special celebration does not have to be large to feel special and important.  When an intimate celebration is your style, there are some steps you can take to make it feel both cozy and grand at the same time.

Large spaces with few people in them feel empty and sad, but a small space with the same number of guests will feel lively and intimate. It is all about matching the scale of the guest list to the venue.  I recently coordinated a re-affirmation celebration with approximately thirty guests. The small size of the celebration allowed it to feel very personal and intimate. The ceremony was held by the fireplace in the couples family room.  Candles, a lovely way to add a warm and intimate feeling to a small wedding, were used in varying heights as part of the centerpieces to infuse the area with a warm glow.

For your intimate celebration ~ to make the dinner feel more personal, consider serving dishes in a family style setting which have a special meaning to you.  Since the group you will have is probably not much larger than a large holiday gathering, sit your guests at long tables to encourage a good flow of conversation. To add to the inviting ambiance, have some pleasant music in the background.

REMEMBERSmall weddings can be so special!  Create a warm and intimate environment to help your celebration feel just as grand in its own way as a wedding many times its size. For guests, one of the best parts about a small wedding is that they will feel very much a part of the entire event.

~Peaceful Planning
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