Monday, May 9, 2011

Gift Registries

I received an interesting email inquiring about Gift Registries and the outlandish items being placed on them. What's acceptable and what isn't?You don’t need china or a blender but the new IPad or a Silver Cross Balmoral Pram baby stroller (priced at a measly $2900) would make your life more manageable. Again I ask, is that acceptable? Whether you’re having a baby shower, trunk party or a lavish wedding here are a few basic tips to consider when thinking about your gift registry.

1. Start Now and Keep Adding
Once you’ve let the cat out of the bag that something wonderful is about to happen; someone in your circle of family and friends will want to say congratulations with a gift. Wouldn’t it be nice if it’s actually something you want? Although it won’t be a complete wish list, set up your registry by the time invitations go out and keep updating and adding items as you think of things you need or want.

2. Register at Multiple Stores
National retailers such as Macy's, Crate N Barrel and Target have great selections. Make life easier by registering at all three. Doing so will also appeal to guests who naturally shop at different stores.

3. Create An Online Master Registry List
There's a site called that lets you link and sync multiple registry lists from different stores into one easy-to-navigate list. Even better, you can register at any online store —For you iPhone users, there's an app for that which lets you walk around the store and scan any item you want.

4. Spread Price Point Love
Imagine opening a friend's registry list only to find there's not a single item within your price range. When registering, consider the guests who will be buying you all of these gifts. Your guests will, naturally, want to spend varying amounts of money on your wedding gift

5. Say Thank You
This one is key: Keep thank-you notes personal. Try to send out thank-yous for any pre-EVENT gifts you receive within two weeks of getting them. Get thank-yous out for the rest of the presents within a month following your event.

~Peaceful Planning
Sharon Patrice
Simply Perfect Peace Events, Inc.
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