Monday, May 23, 2011

A Fantastic Voyage (Emptynestism)

Proms…. Graduations…. Trunk Parties..…..

the Road Trip to an Empty Nest

Like a well planned vacation through the mountains, or skiing for the first time; the road trip to an empty nest comes along with an array of emotions that are often difficult to explain or contain.  As a professional planner, I’d like to think I am prepared for most “events”.  However, no one told me that the series of events that lead to that DAY would be as difficult as it was….. repeatedly! Eighteen (18) years is a long time right? Ha, well it goes really fast as many of you know or will soon find out. So ask yourself, are you really prepared for when that day arrives?

The road to emptyNestism isn’t easy by any means.  So hold hands with your bestie and take a walk with me down a familiar road:   We’re expecting!! I’m in labor!!! It’s a girl/boy/both! Statements that brought emotions like joy and fear together in one swoop. Filled with so much pride over our little bundles of joy, we wanted to hold on to them forever. Well, forever lasted between six weeks and five (5) years as we dropped them at daycare or kindergarten. They were so cute, so well behaved…remember it’s a journey :)

Immediately following this “cute” stage we enrolled them into grammar school and they begin to think for themselves and have opinions. WHO is this child?? Soon it was middle school/jr. high and the girls didn’t like multiple ponytails and the boys refused to let you cut their hair. They want to talk to their friends and ask for you not to go into their room when they aren’t home.  Can someone please go and find my sweet little baby that believed mom knew everything about everything!

Ughhhh HIGH SCHOOL and BOYS/GIRLS. This is a VOYAGE in itself and even closer to the “end”.  They can’t wait to get out and we can’t wait for them to leave. Then one day, out of the blue the fights and misunderstandings settle down and these now teenagers like us again but we aren’t so sure we like them just yet. Not only are they eating all the food, they want to drive our cars, have permission to stay out until (gasp) midnight and attend parties where they possibly communicate with the opposite sex on a level that we just aren’t ready for.

I’m exhausted; are you? It’s been quite a journey hasn’t it? Watching them develop into responsible young adults had the same emotions of joy and fear we experienced in the early years. It’s now the end of their senior year…. Time for the celebrations to begin! Sit back, enjoy the fantastic voyage in which you’ve spent the past 18 years planning for.  If this is your only or last child, your road to an empty nest IS HERE.. but while you’re planning to turn that bedroom into a craft room – know they come back with other issues and sometimes with friends…

~Good Luck and Peaceful Planning
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