Friday, May 6, 2011

A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning

By now the kids are back in school from their Spring Break.  Closets are cleaned, walls are washed and you've sent 15 bags to good will.  Now the weather is starting to"really" break and guess what?  It's time for A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning.

Two weeks ago I was shipping my kid off to school, looked outside and was mortified at what I saw................ "dandelions"! I immediately put on some work gear, cut the grass and headed to my local store to pick up some die dandelions die spray. (they call it weed and feed in the store).  I was on a mission to have this small problem resolved immediately.  Due to the fact that I'm either a good neighbor or a little on the OCD side (my husband thinks the latter) I sprayed my neighbors grass too (heck, who wants to look at that stuff).  After this first application and two hours outside, I stood with my hands on my hips and said, "ha, take that you, you dandelion".  In other words, I felt really good!!

You're probably holding your breath wondering what happened next.  Well, sadly I had to spray again last week because the little suckers refused to go away AND my neighbor has an infestation of them (eye roll).  However, I'm really happy to announce that NOW the grass is really green, the weeds are gone and we can move forward with the real reason for A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning (drum roll please) PARTIES and SOCIAL GATHERINGS AT HOME!!!

Everyone knows I LOVE planning and hosting events at home and really don't need a reason BUT I do need a nice yard (and some music) for it to be truly enjoyable.  This weekend is Mother's Day and the perfect time to plant flowers and make your outdoor space even more inviting for your outside socializing.  What better way to welcome the season then with a beautiful scenery from your window, balcony, patio or deck.  So ladies, as we get ready to enjoy our day - look forward to the serenity that comes with knowing your yard is green, flowers are blooming, birds are singing in the peace of your own space...

Have a Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend
~Peaceful Planning
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