Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Your Wedding - The "B" word

Creating your budget is one of the most crucial parts of planning your wedding. Make sure you have the MUST NEEDS first on the list then work down for the less necessary items. Here are some basic tips to set your budget and save your wallet.

1. Write everything down: To stay on top of your budget it is very important that you write EVERY PENNY you spend down.  A few pennies here and there add up over time.

2. Plan ahead:  A spreadsheet listing categories will be very helpful in establishing and maintaining your budget.  Make a chart with estimated costs and the actul cost once the bill is paid.

3. Make a payment schedule:  When you sign vendor contracts, payment schedules should be listed. Be sure to follow them as to not find yourself behind the eight ball as the wedding gets closer.

4. Wiggle Room:  Once your budget is planned, highlight areas that may not be as important as other areas.
5. The Breakdown:  Reception, Flowers, Photography/Videography, Music, Planner/Coordinator, Invitation, Miscellaneous, CUSHION... dont forget sales tax in your calculations

~Peaceful Planning
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