Monday, December 6, 2010

The road to "completion" ~ after the engagement!

He asked - You said YES..  you've told your parents.. now what???

Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest moments in the lives of couples, but with all the pressure that is being put on couples to make everyone happy, and everything perfect, it only makes sense for them to turn to a professional to make sure that the months of planning come off without a hitch.  My good friend Kris always says "they have people for that"..

A wedding coordinator is a necessity not a luxury in wedding planning. I interviewed a bride that decided NOT to hire a coordinator when she got engaged but after speaking with her mother, saw the value in it.  Her mom explained that one of the things that she regrets about her wedding is that she didn’t remember much of it because she was too stressed out making things happen. She wasn’t able to enjoy the party because of that stress and she wasn’t about to let that happen to her daughter.

This particular bride planned special events for her corporate job so having a simple church wedding with a nice luncheon to follow and party afterwards. Simple right? NOT!!!

You've heard how many hours it takes to plan a wedding - with a wedding coordinator, a lot of the leg work will be done for you in finding the right band or DJ, the perfect location, or that flower that you just can’t live without.

  • Make sure that the coordinator is offering the level of service you need and can afford. Know exactly what you need help with and what you can take care of yourself. Most will offer flat-fee packages, while some will base their fee on the guest count or total budget.
  • Ask coordinators if they are offered referral fees by other vendors. Those who take such fees are not as likely to refer you to the best vendor within your budget, but are more likely to send you to a vendor who will make it worth their while.
  • Make sure your personalities mesh. This is a person that both you and your fiancé will be working with for the next few months to produce the wedding of your dreams. Make sure you like them!
  • Make sure you have a contract drawn up and read it carefully. Make sure there is a clause for you to get any fees paid back if the vendor bows out. Double check the dates and times. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
Beyond helping you find your perfect wedding vendors, a coordinator is responsible for making your day run smoothly. They will be the ones confirming all your vendors in the days prior to your wedding, creating a timeline for your wedding party to follow and making sure that each flower and musician is in place prior to your first steps down the aisle.  

Now some sites, DJs or florists offer coordination services as an added bonus to their services – these are not the coordinators you need during your wedding day. Your florist’s job is to make sure that the flowers are in place and fresh-looking, your DJ needs to keep the party going and the site coordinator should be doing just that – making sure the wait staff is keeping your guests as happy for you as they were when they left the ceremony. These should not be the people helping you bustle your dress or making sure that the best man is in his seat when it’s time for his toast – they have their own jobs to worry about.

The top-rated hotels and wedding sites in the United States now require their wedding couples to hire a personal wedding coordinator when holding their event on their grounds. This ensures that the bride and groom have their personal needs taken care of, while the hotel can concentrate on what they do best. It enhances the overall satisfaction of their customers, both newly married couples and their guests.
(Photo Credit: Bella Brides courtesy of PW, Louis Palos, Photos from the Knot. Source:Project Wedding)

Your wedding will go off seamlessly – from the bright red cake that your coordinator can brilliantly suggest to the honorary first dance by your parents. Your coordinator will check in the caterer, ensure the set up of your decorations is exactly how you want them and make sure you actually have some of the food that you paid for! You'll remember every moment of that day and will have three people to thank – your husband, your mother and you wedding coordinator.

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