Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WEDnesday Love: January ~ COLOR Me Red!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! This first WEDnesday of the month is dedicated to the color RED.  Although February is the month of love and usually tied to red roses, haute red shoes and more; RED is actually the birthstone of January.
Vivier Red
Jimmy Choo Red & Gold
GARNETS are the modern birthstone for January. They are the Zodiac birthstones for Aquarius, and an alternate for Capricorn. Garnets are given on the 2nd and 6th anniversary. Garnets are associated with strength, prosperity, and health.

Here are some really cool color finds ~ Enjoy



NOTE:  Although most garnets are red in color, leading many to believe that all are when in fact a few varieties, such as grossular, can have a wide range of colors, and uvarovite is always a bright green.

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