Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am NOT my hair.. or am I?

When I was about 25 my moms friend Mrs. Dobbins whom we hadn't seen in years stopped by for a friendly visit.  I've always known her to be clean and fly and this particular day was no different except she was rocking a close salt and pepper cut with no relaxer!  Stop the press...she looked amazing!  Coming from a family with thick tresses, and having done some modeling, a press then a perm was the natural progression for the girls in our family.  At 25 you can about imagine I was right in the middle of the perm phase but quickly decided when I grew up I was going to also be "natural"
Throughout the years I've worn my hair long, black and straight.  Then I got brave during the Halle era and cut it super short.  Having a fantastic hairdresser, I worn a twist out long before I knew it was a twist out.  The hair on my head is durable meaning I could perm it and color it wit no consequences other than..... straight,colored hair.  Then in 2005 my first born was coming out of high school and I realized "I'm grown and enough of this mess" so I got my hair twisted and when it was time to take them out, I opted to cut them out!  I reminded myself that the only thing to it is to do it; put a scarf on my head, went the barber shop and said "fix it".
Since the "big chop" I've worn various styles; both short and long; dark and even blond.  My preference is short because to me it's my best look and I still don't like combing my hair.  "How do you keep your hair looking so nice?"  I wash it on occasion and condition it like it means something to me.  Nothing gets my goat more than hearing people say "A woman's hair is her glory".  Does that only means relaxed long hair? Absolutely NOT..

Ladies, you are NOT your hair but the way you manage your hair is a reflection of YOU...

What did I do? 
I do NOT wash my hair every day.
Daily usage: Coconut Oil and one of these (Cantu Strengthener which prevents breakage before it starts by penetrating and moisturizing hair from the roots to the tips, Carols Daughter, Miss Jessie's, Jamaican Mango & Lime which smells yummy)

Weekly or whenever I think about it it: Wash with Creme of Nature and/or Mane 'N Tail.   Then condition with Real Mayo, Aphogee and Knot Today by Kinky Curly... Then do a hot oil treatment with Doo Gro, Coconut Oil and Mango Butter.  Delish right?  I couldn't agree more!

I do NOT comb my hair ever day but sometimes I'll do a two strand twist if I'm bored.  Otherwise it's "this is who I am..." there you have it :)

~Live Life With No Regrets
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  1. Girl.. if I wasn't afraid of how I would I would cut my hair now.. and start all over!! I know I am not my hair!! Because I am working on being NEW & IMPROVED!! lol.. Thanks for the write up!! :-)


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