Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding Motivational Monday: "After the Wedding Part II"

Part II of our series will focus on leading up to the "big day".  I have found that in the planning of this overwhelming, life altering event it can become easy to lose site of the relationship and all it stands for.   During the season of  "wedding planning" I encounter many brides who for one watch too much television and focus more on the color of linens than the current shifts in the relationship.

Truth be told - Engagement and marriage changes relationships in more ways than planning the details of a wedding and finding a place to live after the ceremony.   When you become engaged, it solidifies the committment of individuals to one another, and marriage further solidifies the committment as couples vow to care for one another throughout a lifetime.

It is my belief that during the season of engagement, couples forget about what it means to be committed, and focus on where, when, and how the committment will take place.  My challenge for engaged couples is to use the season of engagement to plan for their marriage as well as their wedding! Be intentional about attending to the shifts in the relationship and work to increase the satisfaction received.  

Continue to grow and learn about who you are and what it means to be committed instead of hurridly planning the details of a wedding.  "Love Without End"

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