Monday, October 29, 2012

Wedding Motivational Monday: "After the Wedding Part V"

Planning a wedding is not only filled with a lot of details, it can also be an emotional rollercoaster.  When I consult with potential clients my encouragement for them is to be intentional about the future;  looking past the wedding date and into the committment of marriage taking place.

Being intentional about the relationship will increase committment, love, stability, satisfaction, connection, and passion.   So as you prepare for the most important day of your life, are you also willing to prepare for your future.  How willing are you to set aside the details of linens and flowers to gain these qualities for your marriage? It is my hope that you dont think they'll magically appear after the wedding day. 

Definitely enjoy your planning process BUT don't lose sight of your relationship ...

"Love Without End"

Part IV
Part III
Part II
Part I

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