Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding Motivational Monday: Fighting the Good Fight!

Adrienne & "Mooney" Rufus Trent
Relationships can be very trying at times.  Often to the point of wanting to throw in the towel and say forget this crap!  Well, today being Memorial Day I thought I'd encourage those in relationships or looking for one to fight as our soldiers did.. til the end!!!  After you've done all you can.. prayed AND cried square your shoulders and let's get it because truly anything worth having IS worth fighting for!  Only difference is I'm going to suggest five non-violent ways to fight the good fight.

Communication:  I posted about this topic before and knowing how to communicate effectively is vital to the survival of any relationship.  Ladies, I know they don't want to hear "we need to talk" but sometimes we just do.  Be mindful that the conversation isn't all about what he doesn't do or only about what you need.  Be willing to listen as well as speak.  Fellas, sex doesn't answer all of our questions nor does it make us forget we have them....

No Outsiders: If I could high five myself I would.  Me and you against the world; ride or die; aint no stopping US now; it take two to make a thing go right...yep, all of that!  Many people have a lot of advice for your relationship but be careful when that friend says "girl forget him" or even worse "don't let him/her dictate what you do"  I had the opportunity to listen to a few men give "advice" to a man recently about his situation.  I was appalled at how they treated this brother who was only trying to respect his woman and honor his word.  Seek WISE counsel and use wisdom in doing that :)

Janice & Rochie Surles

Latoya & Dwayne Perry

Counseling: This is where the WISE counsel comes in.  If the relationship needs intervention don't be too proud to talk to someone that can be unbiased and believes in strong, positive relationships!!!

Building: When I say building I mean just that BUILDING! You've seen homes that go up quickly and come down just as quick.  The builder more than likely used cheap materials and didn't put a lot of care into the project.  Put good things into your homes for "A wise woman builds her home but a foolish one tears it down". We must watch our mouths and learn to study to be quiet.  This doesn't mean be a doormat but it does mean learn when to speak and what to speak.

Cara & Scott Nava
Photography by J. Brandy Photography
Respect: Take the top four,  add this and whewwww you'll get as much sex (keep it spicy folks is a bonus tip) as you can stand!!! LOL  yes, there are a few other things but I believe if you can do these five you have a fighting chance!

Disclaimer:  The opinion expressed here is that of my own.. that's it, that's all!

"Love Without End"
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