Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Trends

This is fun for me because I love COLOR! Thanks to the many collective minds for putting these color patterns together.

For winter, consider a less-is-more approach to your color palette: Silver and white with crystal accents can add some serious glamour to your winter wedding. For your ceremony, try a white velvet aisle runner trimmed with white satin ribbon, or decorate the altar with a crystal curtain backdrop adorned with hanging strands of elegant white phalaenopsis orchids.

This first one is American Beauty. A a natural choice during uncertain times. Patriotic American Beauty is a wonderfully balanced true red and speaks to the need for cohesiveness. It is perfect for all skin tones and most certainly a feel-good color.

PROMINENT COLORS are Translucent Reds, Purples and Magentas with some hints of Deep Crimsons and Resonant Purples, Creams and Dusty Mustards, Cool Ocean Blues, Turquoise and Greens with hints of Black.

Purple Heart, which is my FAVORITE and connotes a sense of refinement and sensuality, adding an air of creativity and excitement to the top 10 color palette, especially when paired with American Beauty.

PROMINENT COLORS to incorporate into your wedding are lush saturated shades paired with earthy neutrals like Merlot and Deep Plum with Raven and Gilt.

A warmer and more subdued Honey Yellow which carries the 2009 color of the year, PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa, through to fall and winter with its warm and golden tones. Pairing Honey Yellow with Purple Heart, will surely add a surprising flair to your fall wedding colors. Or, if you want, for a more typical fall combination, group Honey Yellow with Burnt Sienna and Iron together.

PROMINENT COLORS are Golden Topaz, Warm Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Jade, Garnet and Cool Carnelian with the MOST IMPORTANT COLOR being Smoky Quartz which adds warmth to highlight the other colors in your fall wedding.

Use Creme Brulee, a grayed-down beige, and Nomad, which bridges the gap between beige and light gray and also speaks to the need for timeless neutrals. All three classics can stand alone or serve as anchors when paired with other colors in your Wedding.

PROMINENT COLORS are Black with pop colors like White, Fuchsia, Lilac and Grape tones of Purple, Mint Green, Burnt Orange and Electric Blue

MOST IMPORTANT COLOR is Black which is the perfect background for pops of vibrant and warm color and is eminently wearable and simultaneously edgy and polished for a 2009 fall wedding.

This would not be complete without a seasonal favorite like Burnt Sienna which is a deepened and earthy shade of orange, reminiscent of an autumn sunset. Pair this warm and versatile hue with Nomad and Rapture Rose for a different twist.

The PROMINENT COLORS are classic textured Black and Moonlight, accented by smoky and cool Celadon Green and a cold Brick Red.

Adding spark to the fall wedding palette, Rapture Rose. It artfully captures the vibrancy of fuchsia and the softness of pink. The addition of Rapture Rose will enliven the more traditionally subdued wedding fall hues. Remember to look for it in cosmetics as well as bridal clothing and accessories.

Another trend, like the olive in a martini, Warm Olive which is a rich yellow-green and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the fall wedding. When combined with other colors, this tangy and intriguing hue makes all other colors come alive.

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