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2010 Here We Come!!!

Good day! I know I just posted about what's up for 2009 FALL but 2010 is right around the corner and many of my brides are deep into their planning process. I figured I'd share some trends for the upcoming year. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

With Bridezillas, Platinum Weddings and the more, Weddings have taken on a whole new world of their own in the past decade. Now weddings are all about the biggest, most extravagant this and that, it’s overwhelming. All of this has made the wedding industry a multi-billion dollar wedding planning industry so like every other big business industry it has developed trends that change from year to year. These trends include everything from the day of attire to flowers, colors, styles of photography, favors and invitation designs. Like cars, the wedding trends for the coming year tend to emerge during the beginning to middle of the current year. As previously posted, the trends for 2009 included purple and teal as popular colors, brides wearing no veils, wedding parties with more groomsmen then bridesmaids and email invitations. This year the trends have once again changed, here’s a look at some of the hottest wedding related items, themes and styles for 2010. (this by no means is saying what you choose is right or wrong, just what's going on iright now..)

1. Traditionally, first time young brides wear white, while frequently second marriages and older women will wear ivory or some off white color to their wedding. Etiquette currently says any color goes. NEWS ALERT! Sassy is back! Brides are showing some skin.
Off-the-shoulder dresses – So feminine, dropped boat neck looks, highlighting upper shoulders and clavicle are revealing without being raunchy. They can go from symbolic sleeves on what was a strapless dress to being part of the bodice design.
  • Sheer fabrics – while lace was very 2009, 2010 is tulle and net. Over your skirt or your whole dress, sheer fabrics add texture and make for a romantic, princess-like look, as predicted by famous designer Vera Wang.

2. Local destination weddings/Destination weddings are usually thought of as exotic and tropical getaways where air travel is absolutely necessary. Not anymore. Now couples are opting for weekend getaways within a couple hours of their home. These weekend cruises and bed and bath style destinations are making it easier for more guests to attend and cutting down the costs of having a destination wedding.

3. The wedding veil has returned. While the long veils still aren’t in fashion just yet, short and birdcage style have made a comeback and are a sweet addition to that shortened dress look.
4. Instead of bold and bright colors the newest thing is metallic colors. Think silver, grey, steel blue, gold and darkened rust. They can be elegant or dressed down for a more casual affair. How you use the colors is completely up to you.

Gone are the traditional roses and in their place are vine bouquets and plant or greenhouse centerpieces. With the green movement has come a responsible form of decorating and use of more natural plants commonly found in the wild not in florist shops.

The Southern tradition of having a groom’s cake which symbolizes something he loves or a favorite hobby is back. These cakes are usually custom made creations and make for great photos. Traditionally the bride surprises the groom with the cake but nowadays anything goes!

7. For shoes and accessories, the bolder-is-better motto runs strong. The goal is to create a high-impact, dramatic ensemble whether you're a bridesmaid or the mother of the bride, and the top color schemes in the shoe and accessory department are bright orange, hot pink, red and black, and turquoise. For the 2010 wedding season, you can go overboard with accessories designed with over sized gemstones, glistening sequins and large pearls.

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