Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are about memories. The wedding couple will have theirs, and the guests will have theirs. Since its a more intimate occasion, and usually in an incredible location, there are many things that couples and guests tell me that they remember.

What are the usual things that people remember after a DW? (in no particular order):

1. Water. You see it in all the photos, the water at many destinations makes for an incredible backdrop - the colors are incredible.

2. Surroundings. Again, most destinations have something interesting around the destination wedding package location. It may be as simple as just a gorgeous beach, or tropical canopies, etc.

3. The wedding officiant. Most couples choose to use an officiant at the destination that is included in their destination wedding package, which I HIGHLY recommend. They bring a great local "flair" to everything and really make it special. Most of them are extremely personable and really love what they do, which comes out in their ceremonies.

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