Monday, May 19, 2014

Motivational Monday: "Taking time for YOURSELF"

Happy No-Makeup Monday - #loveyourselfie

After a weekend filled with very little sleep, I was well on my way to a migraine when I came into work; today's Motivational Monday comes by way of a conversation with my co-workers - hope it motivates you as well. 

From a simple "how was your weekend?" we began to do a quick evaluation of our peaceful existence as women.  Mother's Day has come and gone and we are back to our routines of transporting kids, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry, etc.  Just replaying my weekend in my mind is exhausting and a reminder that, often times, we as women fail to take care of ourselves.  Because we are nurtures we can easily find ourselves caring and tending to the needs of others and forgetting ourselves or at least putting us on the back burner.

How many times have you been angry and not sure why? How many times are you disappointed that someone didn't do something for you that you feel they should have?  When your partner doesn't see you taking care of yourself they can easily "assume" that it isn't important.

Self care IS the best care...take time to tend to you! Nurture YOU!  King Spa & Sauna is a unique Korean inspired spa that is known as "Jjim-Jil Bang". Jjim-Jil Bang spa is one of the many traditional assets that have coexisted in the Korean community. With its own unique cultural blend, the Korean sauna offers great relaxation to relieve stress from the body and mind. the whole body, a pool to relax in, and a movie theatre for your entertainment.  

"Live Life Out Loud, On Purpose and with NO Regrets"

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