Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WEDnesday Love: Determining Your Wedding Style (Guest Post)

The most unique and creative weddings are a true marriage of the bride and groom’s personal tastes and cultural backgrounds.After you have set YES! The next important step is to determine your wedding style.

Set aside some time when you and your fiancée can sit down, relax and visualize the most romantic awe-inspiring wedding that the two of you can imagine. Perhaps it takes place in the sunny Caribbean, in an enchanted garden or in the epic center of Paris.
In the process of dreaming big, you will start to identify the thematic framework that shapes every creative decision along the way. You’ll start to identify a unifying theme as simply as a color or a flower, or as a complex as a period of time, a particular culture, or even a favorite place.
Think about the big picture and capture an overall vision for your celebration. You’ll be able to weave a thread of style throughout your wedding; from the designs of the invitations, flowers, and the decoration of the cake, to the type of music that the band or DJ plays during the ceremony and the celebration that follows.
Understand what you both like and dislike about the weddings that you have attended. Eventually you will begin to paint a detailed verbal picture for all of the wedding event vendors youwill meet down the road.
To help both of you define your sense of style and really dream big, have fun with the following list of questions that I ask my clients. Your answers will offer helpful clues to the kind of celebration that is right for the two of you.

Questions to Help Determine Your Statement of Style
  • Describe what you like about your favorite restaurants and their atmosphere, food presentation, and décor.
  • What types of food do you love and hate? And how do you prefer or dislike them prepared?
  • What sort of party do you like to attend? A formal sit-down dinner? A cocktail party with passed hors d’ oeuvres? Or a buffet where you pick and choose? Do you prefer casual or formal dining?
  • List your favorite drinks, wine, beer, soft drinks, sparkling waters, favorite cocktails or liquors.
  • Where do you like to spend your vacation and why? Is it moderate, fast paced or relaxed? Cosmopolitan or Rustic? Cultural? Beach? Urban? Mountains, the Lake or Countryside?
  • Do you have a childhood wedding fantasy? Or a contemporary one?
  • Do you see your wedding as a single event, or a series of events over a few days?
  • What are your favorite books or stories? What mood do they create? Imagine how you would integrate this element into your ceremony or celebration.
  • What are your favorite or lease favorite flowers? If you don’t know how their specific names, describe which flowers, colors, shapes and sizes appeal to you.
  • What is your favorite movie? And why do you like it? Are there scenes from any movie that whisk you away? Mine is the scene from Pretty Woman where Julia Robert's character experiences the Opera for the first time. It immediately touches her soul and she falls in love with.
  • What are your favorite and least favorite colors? Imagine how your favorites translate to flowers and fabrics for your wedding day attire and room décor. Look for other color samples around your home.
  • Does a particular time of day or season of the year inspire you? Do you love sunsets? Do you love the cozy feeling of being indoors after a winter snowfall? Do you love long summer evenings outdoors? How might you translate this into your wedding?
  • What kind of music do you find romantic? List your favorite writers/composers and their works and individual bands, or artists and their songs.
  • What are your favorite photography styles? Black and white, color or sepia? Still or live action? Photo Journalism or portrait?
  • Do you have a hobby or collection that you want to incorporate in some way?
  • Who are your favorite clothing designers? What specifically about their designs appeal to you? Is it the line or use of color? Is there a fabric you are particularly fond of, a trim you’ve always admired, or a silhouette you love?
  • When it’s all up to you, how do you spend the day? Pampering at the spa? Hiking in the mountains? Camping in the wood?  How can you imagine translating the special magic of your favorite past-times into your wedding day celebration?
Now that you are armed with a list of questions, grab a pad, relax with one another and let’s have some fun determining your wedding style.

Whatever you decide make sure that it reflects you and don’t allow others decide what your wedding style needs to be. It’s your day and all about you and should be a reflection of who you both are individually and collectively.
Happy Planning!

Karen Moore, is the Founder and Creative Director of Re Defining Moments

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