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Wedding Attire for the Children

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Children in your wedding add a certain element of charm and definitely unpredictability to your wedding. Dressing them is often times a challenge and although there are no definite rules, here are a few suggestions to help you along your way.
  • When you begin attire shopping for the Brides Maid  you should also start shopping for the children's attire. Be sure to check the turn around time for the items you choose and order ahead to have them a full month before the Wedding.
  • Because children grow, ordering too early will increase the risk of a growth spurt. But if you fall in love with something early on, realize that styles for children come and go and what you love now may not be available in six months.  Therefore, consider ordering a size larger and plan on having alterations done before the wedding.
Choosing the Right Color for Your Wedding!
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  • White or ivory flower girls' dresses are always darling. Note that not all whites are created equal! Your gown dictates which white is required for the rest of the wedding party. What color is it - bright white, ivory, cream in color? Is it silk or another fabric?
  • Silk is always slightly off white even when it is called white. Never mix off-white and bright white; whoever wears the silk white will look dingy. So, if you have a silk white gown select silk white, off-white or color dresses for the girls.
  • A perfect color to match your adult attendants will require ordering both adult and child dresses from the same manufacturer together from the same dye lot. Ordering a color from a different manufacturer will almost never match.
  • Consider a coordinating shade of the adults' attire such as pink against burgundy or light blue against dark blue. This opens up many new choices. Another direction is to use the color of your flowers. This can create a striking effect.
  • There are several ways to add color to white or ivory outfits for the children. Many dresses can be purchased with colored sashes. If by chance the right color sash is not available, purchase wide satin ribbon from any fabric or craft store or have your bridal salon order additional fabric to match your Bride's Maids gowns and ask them to make up sashes to match.
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  • Another nice touch is to order small flower bouquets on a safety clasp pin. Center them on a bow in back or pin on the waistline in front. BoomKatPow! Instant color coordination.
What Should the Boys Wear?

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The Ring Bearer can be dressed in many different ways.  You can go with a classic Eton (shorts) suit or a mini version of the groom.  The shorts can be worn throughout the year and usually with long socks. This style is especially charming on boys 4 years and younger.

A good option for the ring bearer is a tailored suit. This often meets the approval of parents because it can be worn again - and the pants and shirt repeatedly.

If you're having Junior Groomsmen they can wear either a tailored suit or tuxedo to match the adult men in the wedding party..

What are you considering for the children in your wedding party?

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