Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Party Tips with SISTER SAVE A LOT!

Holiday parties are fun, but we all know they also can be expensive to host. This year, with the assistance of my friend Sister Save A Lot, here are a few tips on throwing a memorable bash without going broke in the process.

  • Create invitations that convey the theme of your party -- and that it's going to be really fun, a must-attend. Be sure to include a start and end time along with the style of party so people are appropriately dressed.

Sister Save a Lot Suggests: EVITES because they are FREE!! This is an informal event and no need to spend the extra money on formal invitations.
  • You must have fabulous decorations! To keep cost down make use of those Christmas decorations: String white lights around the front doorway, windows or the buffet table; stack same-color holiday ornaments in large glass bowls or vases; and hang colored globe ornaments from the ceiling with pins and fishing wire. Chargers are inexpensive and look magnificent on the table or even mantel.
Sister Save A Lot found a great find at Dollar Tree - don't sleep on the dollar store finds. You can have a fabulously decorated event and no one will ever know you spent under $10 
  • Munch and mingle is the name of this game! Design a self-serve buffet full of finger foods. Then use vibrant, shiny, thick wrapping paper to line each serving tray or plate. Suddenly, all your platters and plates will match the mood. Salads go a long way- shrimp wrapped in bacon and pepper jack cheese is one of my favorites along with a crab and cheese mixture I do placed on english muffins. For that touch of sweet and salty I like pretzels with melted rollo's and M&M's. These are snacks that are easy to make and wont kill your budget. You may even have some of these left from the huge candy holiday back in October. :)
 Sister Save A Lot Suggests: USE THOSE STORE COUPONS! Go to Sister Save A Lot's blog page and type in Jewel and you can get more info...
  • Speciality Cocktails will help you save big bucks and make a party memorable. I'm a martini girl and off the wall bartender so I love creating exciting drinks (non alcoholic too). However, I didn't create this one :) Start with 1 peppermint stick, crushed, 1 1/2 ounces vodka, 1 ounce peppermint schnapps, 1 ounce Triple Sec, Ice and 1 small candy cane... DELISH! If you have children there or non drinkers.. leave out the vodka - they'll be ok too.
Sister Save A Lot Suggests: Check your local store wine department for "wine tags". Several wine bottles and other items will have in-store coupons on them. Also, consider buying in bulk - you have easily save 10% buying 6 or more bottles of wine instead of one at a time.
To complete your holiday bash, be sure to have some music and even do a little singing. At the end of the night let your guests leave with a batch of cookies or a nice inexpensive novelty gift. Sister Save A Lot likes the idea of a picture frame. This way after you take your group photo you'll have something to put in in.

Have a tip you'd like to share? We'd love to hear it!
~ Peaceful Planning

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