Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Driving Denali Day #1

Monday is generally my "admin" day.  The day where I am able to catch up on all the things that I couldn't do over the weekend.  So I'm sitting in bed (hey, don't judge me) with my laptop and my cell and the dog begins to bark.  Just great..an unexpected guest.  No REALLY, just GREAT!!!  My GMC Arcadia Denali arrived.  Dog is going nuts and I'm geeked.

Did you know the GMC Arcadia Denali features luxury cues plus refined styling.  A smooth ride and responsive handling not to mention impressive fuel efficiency.

Day #1 of Driving Denali for myself and my co-pilot (Kianna) was quite interesting.  The feature of the day was being able to look at the road and see the mileage ahead of me.. HEAD UP DRIVER DISPLAY Whaaaaat? Oh yeah we're winning!!!

2012 GMC Acadia is the only vehicle in the class that offers this feature standard.
Keeps the driver's eye on the road, and allows complete control over the cabin. 
In honor of this wonderful feature of visual awareness and Chevy turning 100 ... DESIGNS BY SHAY is offering $10 OFF design fees in addition to the 10% off print fee offered on Facebook and Twitter.

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Thanks for your support and come back tomorrow for more Driving Denali adventures!! You just might get another deal too...

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  1. Hey Shay,

    I have the 2008 version of the Acadia and I absolutely love the fuel economy and the 276 horses under my right foot! lol!! So question... Even thought I already have one... do you think you can convenience GMC to give me the 2012 Denali version?

    Signed an ever faithful GMC purchaser,

    Phil E. Blunt


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