Monday, October 10, 2011

SimplyShay: Where are the children?

Most event goers are in the age group of 25-45 and have small to school age children.  If they happen to be over the age of 50; the liklihood of them having grandchildren is say 85%.  Events today are not as simple as years past; with the so called recession, people are finding that going out and getting a sitter is a challenge. Therefore, whether you're planning a seminar, conference, anniversary or birthday celebration or even your wedding ~ you want to do all you possibly can to make sure the day is blissful.  Consider children in your plans!
Event Child Care is one of the most important things that hosts can offer to their guests. The kids are able to have fun instead of being told to sit quietly. Many parents won't travel without their children or simply don't have anyone to babysit. Hiring a professional service increases attendance and gives parent peace of mind knowing that their kids are close by. This is also a huge compromise for relatives that feel offended that the event is for adults only. (Elegant Event Sitters) 
As a planner, blogger, parent and aunt I've leaved that dependable child care can be a challenge. How many times have there been events you've had to skip because children weren't allowed. Or, in the case of a wedding, if the children were to come, there is a chance the kids will be disruptive and distractions from the moments and happy memories of this very important day!

(DRUM ROLL......)
I have a solution coming soon to the Chicagoland area ~ SIMPLY PEACEFUL THINGS ~EVENT CARE (part of Simply Perfect Peace Events and Designs by Shay). Look for our open house in 2012.

~Peaceful Planning
Sharon Patrice Simply Perfect Peace Events, Inc. You or your brand want coverage at an upcoming event? Getting married or having a social event and need assistance? Email Me For All Your Event Planning Needs.

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